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What if I told you there was an easy way to help our Veterans and it wouldn’t cost you anything extra!  Would you be interested in supporting our group?  Florida Veteran’s Golf Club is a Non- Profit using the name “Florida Veteran’s Golf Foundation, Inc.”  You can help earn money to provide the organization with funding every time you make an Amazon.com purchase!  You will pay the same price on Amazon, but Amazon will donate a small portion of your purchase to this great organization.  Simply go to smile.amazon.com and search for our “Non-Profit” using the name Florida Veteran’s Golf Foundation, Inc., select us and every time you buy using Smile.Amazon.com, Amazon makes a donation from your purchase!

It is that SIMPLE!  No Strings, No Gimmicks, and by making your purchases, you help our Veterans by supporting them.  We know you will log in and sign up now while you are thinking of it.  Amazon supports all types of charities and will even remind you before your purchase that you have to go to smile.amazon.com in order for the support to register.  We Thank you in advance for your Support!  We know you will do this, just like all of our Veteran Men and Women fought for your Rights and Freedom!