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One of Fred Bender’s passions is helping the youth of our communities understand, appreciate, and learn the game of golf.  Fred has been helping children on various school teams for years.  Although his instruction is geared to help the children, he demands that they are serious and willing to commit to the game.  Fred has proven that with his serious students, their chances of getting scholarships are greatly enhanced.  He provides not only the physical instruction, but teaches the mental aspect of this great game.  While he wishes he could provide instruction to large groups of children, working with a small amount of kids seems to work best.  Fred usually takes about 12 youths each year.  He has found that by working with more, only waters down his instruction and he can not give the kids the attention they deserve.  Presently, he has a few more openings in the Junior Lessons.  If you know a child that is committed to learn the game of golf and is willing to make a commitment to practice, playing, and instruction, please have their parent(s) contact Fred and set up an interview.  They will not be disappointed!